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Too Young To Vote Posts

Bella, aged 17

“Every single one of us has the ability to leave our signature on this planet. But we have to decide: do we want to leave a masterpiece or a wreckage”.

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Josie, aged 13

“I don’t understand why people aren’t taking the climate emergency more seriously. It’s our planet. Some people at my school ask me why I’m worrying about climate emergency. Well, isn’t it obvious?”

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Sam, aged 10

“It’s ridiculous that people are still living on the streets in 2020”.

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Scarlett, aged 12

“I’ve had people tell me to go hug a tree. Some really horrible people sent me pictures of ham. And you know what I say to them? “Go hug a tree yourself, because when your grandkids don’t know what a polar bear looks like, you can blame yourself because you did nothing to help”.

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Atticus, aged 8

“I’d like to vote for someone who supports equality and peace”.

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Coco, aged 8

“I basically want to become the next Greta”.

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Shortlisted for Portrait of Britain award

This photograph was the beginning of my passion for documenting young people and their activism, and so Too Young To Vote was born.

I’m thrilled that in 2019 this photograph was shortlisted for the Portrait of Britain prize, among 200 other outstanding photographs.

Portrait of Britain is a nationwide photography completion and exhibition, run by British Journal of Photography – a contemporary photography magazine established way back in 1854. The Portrait of Britain award is now in its second year and celebrates the rich tapestry of people that make up Great Britain, by turning their stories into public art.⁠⠀
Alongside with all other 200 shortlisted images, this photograph is now part of Portrait of Britain vol 2 book (if you collect photography books – make sure to get it now as it’s full of beautiful portraits and also is a limited print run).⁠ I

This image is also in the October issue of British Journal of Photography magazine among a handful of featured winners and shortlisted photographers.

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